Jordan Public Schools

Jordan Public Schools are K-8 and 9-12 schools located in Jordan, MT. Jordan Elementary and Garfield County District High School provide educational services to the students of Jordan and surrounding Garfield County.

  • Jordan Public schools is on a 4 day school week, open Monday - Thursday.

  • Our small average class size of 12 provides for a great deal of one on one teaching.

  • Jordan Elementary standardized test performance is in the top 10% of schools in Montana.

  • The average ACT score at GCDHS is 22.

  • Our school has a "Beef to School" program that allows our school to serve only locally produced and processed beef, due to the generosity of local producers and our local processing plant, Ryan's Processing.

  • We currently have 19 certified teachers on staff, as well as 11 additional classified staff members.

  • Our athletic programs have seen a great deal of success with state champions and runners up in both track and football and numerous state qualifying trips for boy's and girl's basketball and volleyball.


Jordan is the county seat of Garfield County, Montana and is Garfield County's only incorporated community. The area is home to a rich ranching culture and is located in the world famous, Missouri River Breaks, right next to the massive Ft. Peck Reservoir. Recreational pursuits include: dinosaur digs, fishing, water sports, hunting, trapping, rodeo, and various co-ed sports leagues. This is one of the last areas of Montana where you can still experience Montana as it once was. Big, wide open spaces, friendly people, and Old West values are the hallmark of the Big Dry Country. Come to visit and you'll never want to leave!!

Billy Creek

Student Information

Current Enrollment

Jordan Elementary:

K-6  - 80 students

7-8  -  28 students


9-12 -  53 students

Athletic Activities 

  • Basketball 

  • Football 

  • Volleyball

  • Track & Field

Academic and Extra-Curricular Activities 

  • Academic Olympics

  • Business Professionals of America (BPA)


  • Honor Society

  • Honor Band/Choir

  • Student Council

  • Pep Band

  • Yearbook

  • Newspaper


Administrator (Superintendent/Principal)

Business Manager

Administrative Assistant (2)

Maintenance/Janitorial (3)

Head Cook

Assistant Cook

Title 1 Aides (3)

K-12 Librarian

K-12 Counselor

K-12 Music Instructor

K-6 Teachers (7)

7-12 Science Teacher

9-12 English Teacher

7-12 History Teacher

9-12 Math Teacher

7-12 Business Teacher

Wood/Metal Shop 7-12

FaCS  7-12

Jordan Community

ABS Body Shop

Autumn Twitchell Photography 

Big Sky Parts


Country Kids Daycare

Dana Phipps Photography

D&S Lumber/DJ Ryan Construction

Farmer's Union Oil Co.

Fellman's Motel

Fly by Night Feeds

Garfield County Bank

Garfield Hotel & Motel 

Garfield County Public Library

Hell Creek Bar and Grill

Hell Creek Electric

Hell Creek Marina

Summit Café

Jordan Insurance

Main Hardware

Mane Escape

McCone Electric Cooperative

Mid Rivers Telephone Cooperative

Missouri Breaks Taxidermy 

Phipps Construction

Rancher's Bar

Ryan Grocery and Processing

R/W Repair

The New U

Y Cross Feeds

Health Services

Arrowhead Dental

Badlands Medical Clinic  

Garfield County Health Center