Originally Posted 16 March, 2020

I would like to start off by letting everyone know to not worry about late books or book limits. This is definitely a unique circumstance that we find ourselves in and the normal library check-out policy doesn’t really apply. If you are reading this on Monday, March 16th and would like to come check-out more books for your child, please do. I’ve also compiled a list of online options below. Also, don’t forget the county library; it is a great local resource with some awesome ladies to help you find reading material. 

If anyone would like to check out books through the library let Mrs. Hoverson know via email (rhoverson@jordanpublicschools.org). You can look them up on the school website and when she is through town, she will check the books out to you and leave them in the office. We just received an order of several new high school books so take a look. 

The magazines were moved to the entryway of the high school. Take any you would like to keep if you are short on reading material. There is anything from Sports Illustrated to Ranger Rick.  

Online resources for books and read alouds:

Sincerely,  Mrs. Hoverson